Eat, Sleep, Work-Out, Repeat

If you’re starting to wonder how many of your 5-a-day are in your bottle of wine… (don’t worry we have all been there) chances are you are not looking after your self too well and your body could do with some TLC.

When it comes to staying healthy both body and mind it can seem hard, expensive and time-consuming. Let’s face it the first thing you want to do when you get home is throw your pj’s on with a glass of wine and settle down to Love Island, but it is so important that we look after ourselves.



Healthy Eating… Let’s all laugh together. But seriously there are some simple ways to make it that little easier.

  • Start your day with some fruit – berries on top of cereal, watermelon, bananas the possibilities are endless but starting your days with fruit will make you feel like you have your life together.
  • Snack on fruit and veggies – snacks don’t have to break the bank my absolute fav is carrot sticks and humus and you will always find me have my 11am banana.
  • Supermarket own brands – some of you may turn your nose’s up at the thought of own brands but not only are they easier on your bank balance a lot of them contain a lot less sugar and salt…every little helps.
  • I stick to the 5:2 rule and this isn’t the fasting one. During the week I try to eat reasonably healthy 5 fruit and veg a day and staying away from the chocolate and wine but on the weekends I go a bit wild pizza, ice cream, nutella everything, you must have some ‘cheat days’ or you will go mad.


Drink water !! I can’t explain how important it is to stay hydrated, water helps everything from clear skin and headaches to bloating and weight management so here are some little ways to keep you on track.

  • Carry a water bottle – invest in a pretty water bottle I have a few, and carry it round with you. You are more likely to drink from a bottle then you are to go to the kitchen and get a drink.
  • Add some flavor – I know water is not for everyone, some people just think it is boring but you can add all sorts to your water such as lemon, strawberries and grapefruit, put it in the fridge the night before and it tastes so refreshing.
  • Hot drinks – Caffeine can really dehydrate you (but we do all need a morning cuppa). However you can swap to green tea, fruit tea and even red bush can really help you stay hydrated without ditching the warmth of a cuppa.
  • The morning – down a glass of warm or cold water (add lemon for a little wake me up) in the morning to re-hydrate, your body has just gone 8 hrs without any water and needs a top-up.


Sleeping well… we say after we have just binge watched Gossip Girl on Netflix and its now 3am… everyone has done it, seriously no one likes looking like the walking dead the next morning so you need a bedtime routine.I know you’re not 5 but everyone needs a bedtime routine…Here are some tips I use

  • Set a bedtime – Have a set bed time, a time that you want to be in bed by, I am in bed every night by 11pm it’s just a habit I have got into.
  • Wind down – You need time to chill after your day I like to do a short yoga workout, followed by a nice warm shower or bath so I can feel relaxed and ready to sleep.
  • Waking up – it’s not all about sleeping you need to be able to wake up as well, don’t set a millions and one alarms you will angry before you even get out of bed #notamorningperson. Set your alarm for a reasonable time and pick a sound that will wake you gently and not scare you out of bed.
  • Can’t sleep – It can be the worse thing in the world when you can’t sleep and many times I have been up eating chocolate at 3am watching FBI files…But when you are really struggling don’t reach for the chocolate it is loaded with caffeine and will make you buzz. Have some warm milk or hot chocolate and I recommend downloading a mindfulness app I use Insight Timer (download from the app store it’s free!!) it just helps you forget the world and drift off to sleep.


Working out … shall we leave it?…or not. I am not the biggest fan of the gym, never have been never will be, to many good-looking people posing in mirrors – not for me. However it is important to work out for mental and physical health So here is what I try to do.

  • Yoga – yoga has got to be one of fav ways to work out and I probably do a couple of yoga work outs a day. You can find a wide range on youtube or like me use the Asana Rebel app (download from app store free). She does a range of workouts and a 5 min daily challenge.
  • Gym buddy – If you must enter the kingdom of the muscles then pick a gym buddy but make sure you pick wisely, you need someone who is as determined as you are so you don’t sign up and not go!! Been there done that.
  • Walk – sounds simple but since I got my car I can’t really remember the last time I walked anywhere. I got super lazy, so me and my other half go on a walk every weekend and I recommend you grab your other half or your BFF and go for a country walk. The fresh air always does you good.
  • Health apps – Health apps are a wonderful thing, you can get reminders so they ping you and the’re like hey girl move you butt…I have squat, push-up and ab challenge apps that go off every day to remind me. Also I have a step counter so I can see how far I have moved in the day.


I hope you enjoyed reading how I attempt to stay fit and healthy and please let me know if you any of your own tips…

With love Lauren-Amy



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