My Bed Time Routine…

Being in your 20’s means your either out partying the night away or binge watching box sets, for me it’s normally the latter, So we are all not getting enought sleep.


It is important to get enough sleep and chill time so you can function like a normal member of society… Also so I can deal with my day at work!! We can’t rely on caffeine all day everyday.


So I thought I would talk you through my  bed time routine. You maybe thinking only babies and children need bed time routines but I have come to the conclusion adults need them too.


I am not claiming that I sleep well every night or I do my routine every single night but I try my hardest. I am a proper cranky Bi**h without sleep, but I do always struggle with sleep. So here is what I do for a better night rest…


Plan for the next day…

Being dyslexic means I really struggle to be organised my life is normal one crazy whirlwind but I push my self to get organised. Before I even start to get ready for bed I like to plan a couple of outfits for the next day (this is England, you can never be to careful with the weather). There is nothing more annoying then starting into your wardrobe in the morning holding a cuppa and thinking ‘I have nothing to wear’.


Also I have to check my plans for the next day. Sometimes I work extra days and I have an irrational fear of forgetting to turn up to work, So recently I have got a weekly planner whiteboard, I can write down all my plans for the week and hopefully not miss an appointment.



Wind down… 

We all live crazy, stressful lives and it is important to wind down after a long day.

After I have had dinner and caught up all on all time soaps, I like to do 15-20 mins of calming yoga. This really helps me to stay calm and relax, also being a hairdresser I spend 90% of my day on my feet so I do love to stretch my body out after a long busy day in the salon. I use the Asana Rebel App, It is amazing !!


I then like to have a nice warm shower or bubble bath (not going to lie, I tend to favor the bubble bath!!) I love to use a baby bedtime bubble bath because I smell so lush, calming and you can just feel the stress from the day melting away…


Once bath time is over and have to take my make-up off, I can’t cope with a clean body and a dirty face. I remove the bulk off my make-up with a face scrub, normally the Neutrogena spot stress control – helps keep my bad skin at bay.


I then remove the left over eye make-up (because no body like panda eyes), tone and then moisturizer time!! It’s a habit I have got into and now I can sleep without putting  moisturizer on my face.

I like to start by applying a small amount of Bio Oil all the over face, it really does work wonders for your skin, the first time I slept with bio oil my face I wanted to face time my BFF in the morning because my skin looked so good!! I let that soak in for a min while I check Facebook or Insta or even sometimes the news and then I go ahead an apply my normal moisturizer.



Okay so now it is finally time for me do dive into my amazing bed (I think I may actually be in love with my bed).

Make sure your room is clear and tidy, sleeping a messy room doesn’t end well, it can make you really irritable. Invest in some black out curtains or blinds, once you go black you will never go back…Trust me.

Then get in bed a get your ass comfy. stay away from social media is addictive at night and before you no it, ‘poof’ it’s 3 am!! If your board and can’t sleep try readying a book, I am obsessed with books about Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe at the moment.


I am a very strange sleeper I can’t sleep in complete darkness and silence, so depending on what mood I am in I either have my unicorn mood light on with a meditation app or I sleep with my T.V on quietly watching a FBI files normally or a Disney film (seriously I think I am just an over grown child).


And this is where I get a little bit weirder because I also like to sleep with an eye mask on. I know strange, I don’t like the dark so I have a night-light or the T.V on but I wear an eye mask. I am very strange. But I find it really does help me, I think the T.V may be a comfort thing…


We all may have strange sleeping habits but no matter what we need about 8 hrs sleep to be able to function like a normal person.

I feel like I am always tired and I have come to the conclusion that it is just part of being in your 20’s… But if I don’t get enough sleep I am like a bi**h faced zombie, never a good look!! And no amount of caffeine will save me.

So for your own sake and the sake of the others that have to deal with you on a daily basis please make sure you get enough sleep.

Sweet Dreams…

With love Lauren-Amy



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