10 Things I Can’t Live With Out…

We all have things in life that we just can’t go with out…

So I thought I would this the 10 things I could not live with you


My Boyfriend…


We have been together for nearly 7 years now and not a day goes by without him doing something to make me smile. No matter what he has always got my back. we support each other through every I decided to do. He is my best friend, my soul mate, my rock and the love of my life. So he has to be number 1 on my list!!


My Mother Duck…


I don’t think it is until you get to your 20’s that realise that you need your mum now more than ever. My mum really is my rock and I don’t think I can actually make a decision with consulting my mummy first. Though we may have augured our way through my teens, we are now closer than ever. My mother duck is everything to me and trust me we still need our mum’s now matter how old we are…




I really do have a massive love for Gin!! It could be a G&T or a Gin cocktail, you name it I am there!! We all need a cheeky drink every now and then and gin it my tipple of choice. When I had just turned 18 I would always order wine because I thought it made me look grown up…But a couple of years ago I went to the Bombay Sapphire Distillery and have never looked back. Gin goes down far to well and Bombay has to be my favorite closely followed by Hendricks, mix with some fever tree tonic and plenty of ice and your away.




It has always been a joke since I was a little girl, that no matter where we went I would always have a handbag!! Nothing has changed since. I think you can’t go wrong in life as long as you have a good handbag and believe I have one for every occasion. Big, Small, Clutch…I love them all, they can make or break an outfit and no matter what I am doing I will always have a handbag on me. Even if I am going to the shop in my PJ’s at midnight, I will still have a handbag on me!!




A quick word of warning…You should never talk to me before I have managed to have my morning coffee, it is not a wise move. I could literally not live with coffee, it keeps me being a normal and functioning member for society. (As I am writing this I am sipping on my millionth coffee of the day). It is part of the hairdresser diet, drink a 100 coffee’s a day to keep you on your feet all. But I do love thing more than snuggling down to a box set (Gossip girl is the best but I do also love Sex and the City) and some proper coffee, the smell is amazing!!




I have one of the worst shopping addictions in the world, I just can’t help my self!! No matter how I am broke I am I still strongly support treating myself…


I have enough clothes to sink a battleship but I really do love to shop, I class it as my cardio. When me and my other half met even he said, he had never met a girl who can shop as much as me. Weather I am shopping for my self or someone else I just love it. When It comes to shopping for other people I am a nightmare, Christmas is the worse. I can’t help my self I spend so much on my family because I think they deserve it and before you know I am living of beans till about March.


Chocolate, Biscuits, Nutella…


I have the worlds sweetest tooth. My dentist must love me!! I can not live with out sweet food. Chocolate, cookies, cakes you name it I love it. Nutella is my biggest downfall, I love to sit and eat it out the jar with a spoon (nom,nom,nom). Me and mum always fight because according to her I can’t have Nutella on toast for dinner…we shall see. I don’t think I could live with out sweet food, I would pick it over savory food any day off the week.




Ohh shoes you are my biggest downfall… At last count I had 125 pair’s of shoes…I need help!! My shoes are my babies. I have so many pair’s of shoes, I find new ones in boxes I forgot I had even bought (bad I know). My other half literally has to rugby tackle me out of a shop when ever I want to buy shoes… I keep my shoes on full display in my room so I can admire all their beauty and try to keep track of all the pair’s I own!!


True Friends…


No matter where we end up in life we all need true friends and I think I have the best. My closest friends always have my back and I have theirs. Though we are all growing up and have are gown lives we still call each other to check in and when we have catches up it is like nothing has changed, we sit drinking coffee or something a little stronger… Till the early hours of the morning catching up and joking about things we did when we were younger. As you hit your 20’s your friendship circle may get smaller but it’s the true friends that count.


My Little Sister…


I love my little sister, I really do. We may fight like cat and dog… We can fight over the smallest things from her stealing my clothes to me stealing her bronzer (come one it Benefit Hoola bronzer!!) Some days she could sneeze and I want to punch her in the face…


But I love my baby sister more than any thing in this world. Even when she isn’t here we face time  and when she is we go out for lunch ( she may she is a poor student but she cost a fortune to take out to lunch!!) Even when I want to kill her I still care for her so much. My sister was my first friend, my first best friend and I am so glad I have her to walk this world with her…

With love Lauren-Amy



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