You Are Adulting…

I like to think I live in own little bubble where I constantly use the excuse that I am not a proper adult yet to get away with things… Such as ironing!!, can’t stand it.


Being in your 20’s is a very confusing time, you are forced to break-up with your teens (even though I didn’t want to) and thrown into what is supposedly adulthood.


There are things that you are just meant to know how to do like how to cook roast potatoes or how to start a phone contract. Did I miss like a meeting or something went I turned 20??


But it dawned on me the other day that I might be a bit more of an adult then I think I am…

You may laugh but there are plenty of signs that I am actually successfully adulting.

Paying Bills – May seem like a small thing and it may have happened over night but we all pay bills whether you like it not. This has got to be the biggest sign your properly adulting.


 You get paid at the start of the month then wait till all your direct debits come out before you make a ridiculous purchase. You know because it is illegal to drive round without car insurance, we just have to be that little bit more careful with your money.


Job!! – You have a job and I don’t mean a paper round or a Saturday job. You will notice the further you get into your 20’s the more serious your job come, like I need this money to pay my bills and go on holiday.


Look around you most of your friends will have proper jobs too (everyone has the one friend who doesn’t). You feel your self meeting with friends over coffee at bitching about work – your growing up!!



The best way to get through work I have found if replace ‘F**k You’ with ‘Yes of course’ and learn to paint a massive smile on your face. But this how you know you are becoming an adult teenage me would have said F**k you and walked out. Coffee has turned into my happy juice at work…Becuase my boss said I can’t cut hair and drink wine…



Shopping – Shopping become a chore, I don’t mean the fun clothes and shoe shopping. I mean food shopping… Hate food shopping, have you noticed how expensive cheese is and I love cheese.

I have to plan my food shops like a military operation, get in and out as fast as I can. Don’t get me wrong I have had the weeks when I can literally not be asked to go food shopping and ended up living of corn flakes for a week – Fun!!


Also have you noticed when you are shopping that you start to say ‘ohh that would be nice for work’ – nice for work… my wardrobe used to be full of mainly PJ’s and going out out dress by now I actually actively buy thing to wear to work, because it’s frowned upon to wear your PJ’s work.

The other thing I have noticed that I start appreciating when shopping is good bed sheets and kitchen utensils. I have actually started spending my money on Tupperware. I Love it all the cute little boxes that match is sets, I can’t get enough and I get p**sed when I lose it or someone steals it!!


But I have started to buy thing on whether they are going to wash well and if it is worth the money – God I sound the my mum!!

So even though I maybe in my early 20’s and I don’t class my self as a proper adult yet there are signs that I am actually adulting and I am sure you are too.

No matter what your parents say you will grow up and make you own decisions. It took me nearly 2 years to get my phone contract out of my dad’s name because he was so worried I wouldn’t pay it but guess what… I have worked out how to set my own phone contract up, I have paid it and I managed to keep me old number…Look at me go!!


Being an adult it tiring I have decided. I am in a constant state of tiredness or as I like to call im zombie mode. I just want to nap but supposedly adults don’t nap. I don’t have a bed because I am all grown up but then I stay up late, and when my alarm goes off in the morning for work, I seriously debate if I need this job or not. Turns out I do because I a have bills to pay (bad times).


I wished my childhood thinking I wanted to be grown and now I am pretty sure it is not all it is cracked up to be…But it does have up sides, no bed time, you can eat what you want, go out when you want and make your own decisions

I may not have mastered adulting just yet, I can cook a roast but I can’t boil an egg!! But I feel like the signs are looking good I might turn out to be a pretty god adult after all… So just drink some coffee, put on your sassy pants because you have got this, you can be an adult.


With love Lauren-Amy



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