My Travel Essentials…

It seems to be that time of year when everyone is going on their holidays. I know I have already had mine (sad times). And according to my other half I can’t have another one this year…



But before I get on the plane there are a few things I like to take away with me, no matter where I am going or what time of year…

You know the little must haves when you are away and you would cry a little bit if you forgot them. Weather my holiday is last-minute or been booked for months, I still always take a few certain things with me.


Sun Cream 

This is a travel must !! I don’t think I can stress this enough. No one wants to end up looking like a blistered tomato!! I hate sun cream, I run away from it like a small child… So I always pick my suncream on the texture and smell… Malibu is one of my favs, it smells like coconut.


Earlier in the year me and partner went to Mexico and didn’t take enough sun cream, long story short we ran out and sun cream is really expensive in Mexico, I ended up getting so sun burnt that my forehead and my eye swelled up and I look like an alien. So always make sure that pack enough sun cream. Start with a high factor like 50 and work you way down to a lower factor once you start to build up a tan!!




When ever I go away I take medicine for every occasion, any thing from paracetamol and hay-fever tablets to Imodium and Dulcolax. You never know what is going to happen when you are away and I think it is the scouts drilled into me but always be prepared.

 Also my partner is useless and remember this sort of stuff and he suffers from really really bad hay-fever, so if I am not taking it, someone else will!! Plus If I eat some thing I shouldn’t I need to prepared or I will 9 months pregnant for the rest of my holiday.

After sun 

There is nothing worse than a lovely day in the sun and them you get back take a shower and your skin feels like it is 2 sizes to small… Make sure you pack a really hydrating after sun lotions. I find sensitive ones work the best as your skin can be a little tender if burnt or due to the sea. Failing the after sun aloe vera gel works wonders too!!

Comfy clothes

Sound a silly one but no matter whether I go to a boiling hot country or some where cold I always take some clothing that is soft and cosy, you know for when you ares jet lagged or just feeling a little down comfy clothing will always make you feel better. Anyway it is horrible to travel in uncomfy clothes like jeans… Trust me on a long-haul flight all you want in baggy trousers or leggings.

         Boohoo baggy trousers + Jack Wills hoodie + Boohoo crop top +                      Victoria Secrets bra that has not fastenings                            = pure comfort on a 10hr flight…

I am also known as the lizard lady. I am cold no matter where we go. I was in the beautiful Greek island of Kos, in the day it was around 38/39 degrees and in the evening it dropped to maybe 35ish, guess what… I was cold, always have a cardigan or jumper handy!!


English Food. 

Everyone loves some good old home comforts and I know I do. Where I can’t eat gluten I always like to take some English free from food with me, for just in case. like gluten-free biscuits or cereal bars, you never know where the munchies will strike. I have never had a problem yet where ever we have gone, Europe is amazing for gluten-free food but Mexico was also good!!


I always remember my mum taking her tea on holiday with us. She drink Earl grey tea but on the one from Sainsbury’s so where ever we went the tea came with us.



Small Handbag

When ever we go one holiday we pack a beach bag and normal have some kind of back pack or giant handbag as hand luggage. Having a smaller bag once you are away is so handy. When you are out in the evenings you don’t want to carry round a giant bag all the time but a nice little shoulder bag or clutch is perfect, this way you don’t lose your hotel room key and you can still carry you phone for the perfect sun set picture…



But if you do forget any thing while you are there it is the perfect excuse to go shopping!!

I hope everyone enjoys their summer holidays where ever you are going.


I can’t wait to see where my next adventure takes me…

With love Lauren-Amy




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