We all know I do love a night away, time with just me and my partner, exploring new places.

So the other night we went to a cheeky night away to Brighton and I can’t believe I have never been before…


We stayed in the Mercure sea front hotel which was only a short walk to the lanes and the pier. The hotel it’s self was lovely and modern, the staff were very warm, welcoming and extremely helpful.

You could park at the hotel for £18 for 24 hours, unfortunately their car park was small and nearly full, my other half had to reverse out due his car being so bloody long (is it bad that I just stood there a laughed??) But the receptionist advised there was a car park down the road called Regents Park which was the same price, no more than a 5 min walk and had bigger spaces… Which was good great as my other half has a fat car.



After a lush long deep bubble bath we settled down for the night and I could not wait to see what tomorrow would bring, I love exploring…


I had what can only be described as the best night sleep in ages, the hotel was so peaceful. We got up, ready and raring to go, I was so excited. Brighton is such a wonderful and unique place, I honestly still can’t get over the fact I have never been before.

We ventured down all the beautiful lanes, full of wonderful and wacky shops but I was on a mission to get to Choccywoccydoodah for brunch (which I wrote about in my last post).


Once we had stuffed ourselves full of chocolate and sugar I was full on energy to shop and explore. Brighton has something for everyone, there are so  many different style of shop you can’t get bored. We went into Dr Marten (and I think I maybe in love with there VONDA boot!!), lush, some vintage shops and many others. My other half nearly enjoyed him self shopping.

Soon he was nearly shopped out (as I can never be). So we went and just chilled on the beach. Though Brighton was busy due to the weather and summer holidays, I almost felt like I was if a different country, just laying on the beach listening to the waves but be aware of the naughty seagulls – they will steal your food!!

After a little chill we ventured on to the pier and it was amazing. I felt like I should a been in an american 50’s film. The smell of doughnuts and candyfloss filled the air. The arcade reminded me of when I was a child and I would beg my mum for 2p’s to see If I could win a key ring. We didn’t go on any rides but I was nice to admire the view, we sat with a coffee and people watched for a while.


We did have to start winding the day down as I had work the next day and we still had to drive home but there was one more thing I wanted to do… Go on the British airways i360.  The i360 reached heights of 138 meters which makes it the world tallest moving observation tower, and the views do not disappoint. It’s like being a space ship but you can see all down the south coast, you can even see the South Downs. It’s breath taking plus the people down below look like tiny ants. And if you fancy a cheeky tipple there is even a bar on board!!

I feel like we achieved so much in one day while in Brighton but it really was an amazing place, were everyone fit in. If you are like me and never visited I can’t recommend it enough, you have to go.

Vibrant, Colourful and creative… This is Brighton. 


With love Lauren-Amy




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