Getting back to the gym…

So the other day for my own sins I decided to re join the gym…

I haven’t had a gym membership for probably over a year. I have had hand surgery so couldn’t go for ages and to be perfectly honest I couldn’t be bothered but one of the girls I work with bullied me into it (probably what I needed).


I go a really cute, small independent gym and for me I feel like this works best… The gym can be an intimidating place, with big blokes walking around with weights and there is always a girl on the treadmill that seems like she can run for hours.

After I filled out all the paper work, me and colleague decided that we will try to go around 3 times a week… At the moment this seems to be working for both of us, don’t get me wrong we all have days were it is impossible to get to the gym and we try not to punish ourselves for them days.

I have found that getting back into the gym can be hard. I used to be a semi fit person, I thought I could run and used to dance 5 times a week (back at school). I feel like I may push my self a little to hard the first time, I could barely drive home, not good!!.


So I sat my self down and worked out a plan to get my self back to some kind of fitness at I meant to be fitness instructor qualified (shall we all laugh together)… And this is the sort of plan I can up with.

  • Start slow, there is no point trying to kill your self on the treadmill if you haven’t been the gym in over a year.
  • plan what you area of the body you are going to work on that day, I normally do a leg day, arm day and abs day.
  • Always warm up and cool down. I always start my gym sessions with a gentleish 10-15 mins on the treadmill or cross-trainer just to get the blood flowing (and normally to wake me back up) once I have done this I feel like I am ready to start a work out.
  • Have a snack before the gym. I tend to go to the gym after work, so I always have a nice small snack like a trek as they are have protein and fill me up enough for a work out. Don’t go to the gym hungry it wont end well… trek-life-image3
  • Keep hydrated throughout the day and at the gym. It is always a bad move to start the gym thirsty because it mean you are already dehydrated, ideally drink little and often though the day and while at the gym isotonic drink like Lucozade sport are great they are full off all the salts and sugars your body needs (unfortunately I can’t drink them because they are not gluten-free).We-has-to-gets-up-eArly-But-we-hates-it-meme-39634.jpg
  •  Don’t push your self to hard. Your body has it own way of telling you, you shouldn’t be doing some things. Don’t push past this or it could result in an injury. You will get their don’t worry.

Motivation can always be hard thing as well when you are trying to get back into the gym. Pick a GOOD gym buddy – someone who will actually go with you, even though now I go to a smaller gym I don’t mind going on my own.

Another good motivation is treat yourself to some bomb gym where then you will want to show it off !! And forget about your hair and make-up if you look perfect when leaving the gym your not working hard enough, don’t worry everyone is the gym is a sweaty mess…


I think starting the gym again is  great. I use the gym to get rid of any anger from the day. It is all about finding the right gym for you, have a look round your local area and see what they have to offer. My gym isn’t a state of the art modern master piece but it’s small and quiet and works well for me.

Also don’t be to hard on your self if you miss a work out or didn’t do as well as you had hoped. Just move on you will do better on your next work out. Don’t dwell on a missed work out but use it as your motivation for you next one…


With love Lauren-Amy



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