Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful…

We all have those day where we flick through old facebook photo’s for a giggle. The other day I was doing just that, I felt like I need a laugh… When I was look at a younger me wearing what can only be described as the entire Mac counter… I though to myself when did I start to tone my look down?


I have always been crazy about hair and make-up and wanting to look ‘perfect’ but over the past couple of year I have found my self not striving for perfection but more what makes me happy.

I think I was properly the first girl in my year to start wearing clip in extensions for fuller and longer hair. I used to wear fake eye lashes every single day ( EVERY SINGLE DAY who has time for that?) And on a night out I would wear 4 or 5 pairs. I was a nightmare, must have taken me a good couple of hours to get ready.


I remember going to school trip and needing to be a school for around 6:30 am and I honestly remember getting up at 4:00 am to curl my hair and hair extensions – I was so tired I ended up falling asleep on my curling tongs and burning my neck, but this is what I used to do to look ‘perfect’.

We all see the hot girls on Instagram, on face book and in the magazine and decided that’s what I want to look like, and for years that what I tried to look like. It would got me a fortune – the nails, the tan, the make-up, eyelashes and clothes it was a nightmare and I was always broke!!


But I couldn’t tell you the day it all changed, I suppose just over time I dropped a little bit of my routine. Me and my partner have been together since I was 15 so he has seen the evaluation of me… When I look back at old photos of me I want to cringe but back then I thought I look bomb.


We all get self-consciousness from time to time and I know I do, I have to face people on a day-to-day basis with my job. My lately I never felt more confidant in my own skin even though I don’t wear the lashes and the extensions any more and I definitely have toned down my day make-up and honestly I think it’s the best thing I have ever done.


There are still little things I can not live without like my nails and eyebrows I have them done every 4 weeks without fail but these are just the little things that me make me feel a million dollars…

We all strive for perfection – no matter how much we tell ourselves we don’t. We all want to look like the amazing Instagram or Victoria secrets models or if your me Gigi Hadid or Rita Ora (my ultimate girl crushes). But why do we do this to our selves, we are all beautiful no matter what any one else says and I think now is the time we empower each other instead of putting each other down!!

We should all be able to feel comfortable in our own skin and I feel like I am finally getting to an age or place where I can…


Let your imperfection free because we are all beautiful…

With love Lauren-Amy



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