Reading Time…

Now that summer is coming to an end there is nothing I love more than snuggling up with in my dressing gown, fluffy socks, a cuppa and a good book.

I love reading, I really do… I love getting lost in a book for hours, I read every thing for fantasy to biographies. Also I still enjoy learning new things even through I haven’t been at school for over 6 years.

So I thought I would share with you my top 5 books from this year…

Mad Girl – Bryony Gordon

Image result for mad girl book

This book is truly brilliant !! Bryony is so honest in this book about her life and what she went through and though she says this isn’t a self-help book, this is book has helped in so many ways… The book is about Bryony’s battle with her mental health, and life in general – She is witty and funny the whole way through and really is an amazing read!!


Confidence The Secret – Katie Piper 

Image result for confidence the secret katie piper

Katie Piper really is a truly inspirational women and I have read and enjoyed all of her books but this one is just so heart warming… Confidence is full of tips on how to feel more confident and comfortable about your self and also has so many inspiring  stories from other people who Katie has met through The Katie Piper Foundation. I read this book during in a pretty bad time of my life and I found it helped and inspired me so much with confidence and moving on with life.


The Tidy Closet – Marie-Anne Lecoeur 

Image result for The Tidy Closet - Marie-Anne Lecoeur

I really do have more clothes than I can possibly wear but what can I say I have the worst shopping addiction known to man!! But this booked helped so much. Lecoeur talks you through de-cluttering and re-organizing your wardrobe and honestly I don’t know what I would have done with out it. I was drowning in clothes and clutter but with this book I felt like a friend was holding my hand the whole way through and made me feel calm about getting rid of clothes I have owned since properly 2010… My wardrobe is now organised and de-cluttered, I can now find things I had forgotten I owned.


The Glam Guide – Fleur De Force 

Image result for The Glam Guide - Fleur De Force

Fleur De Force is an amazing beauty and fashion vlogger and this book it her guide on well… Being glam and it amazing!! The book cover everything – Make-up, fashion, hair, health and fitness, body image and relationships and well what can I say I loved it. The book is such an easy read and full of so many of Fleur’s tips and tricks, you can simply flick through and find what ever you need… She even gives you smoothie and hair mask recipes!!


Happy – Fearne Cotton 

Image result for Happy - Fearne Cotton

This is such a heart warming book filled with little things to try to help you fill your life with happiness. Fearne tells stories from times when she was in a really dark place and how she got out of them. Happy is also a brilliant book because it is interactive, right at the start of the book there is a  reflection rainbow that you can plot how to feel on, so you can keep track of how you are feeling. This book has made me register my feelings more and helped me to look after my self…


All of these books are brilliant in their own way and are written by truly amazing people. I can recommend reading them enough, they are the sort of books that make you feel better after reading them.

So as the nights are drawing in and it’s getting a little colder, snuggle down and get lost in an amazing book…

With love Lauren-Amy



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