International Day Of Happiness…

So today is international day of happiness and when I saw that this morning it actually put a smile on my face.

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We all live such crazy busy lives that some time we forget the little thing in our days that make us happy. You know those really small things that just make you take a minute and smile.

So I thought I would share with you 10 small things that can happen through out the day that give me a little bit of happiness…

  1. My morning cup of free soul tea, sounds so silly but I sit on the floor every morning to get ready and love just sipping on my warm cup of liquid sunshine. Image result for free the soul tea
  2. When my old school tunes come on the radio. We all have them you know those songs you know every word and dance move to – I love singing along in the morning really gets me in a good mood. My favs song are No Diggity (I know the whole rap) or any Busted song… Wakes me up in the morning. Image result for busted
  3. My breakfast buddy. So I work a little while away from where I live so I tend to get to work early and have breakfast there (I beat the traffic that way) But one of the girls I work with is normally there so we have a good old chin wag over our morning toast. 
  4. texts from my other half. I don’t care how long we have been together I still smile every time that mans texts me (if he read this he will get a big head). 
  5. My daily (or 3 times a day) phone call to my mother duck. It’s a habit I have got into but I ring my mum every day on my way home from work. We have the stupidest phone calls but I love them and no matter how much of a bad day I have had she makes me laugh. Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup
  6. Sounds really sad my but hairdressing comb and scissors. I love my job so much and I have tried other careers but they are not for me. But I love my scissor and comb I have had them since I started and I can’t use any thing else. I love just picking them up and creating a master piece (if I do say so my self).Image result for hairdresser meme
  7. Stiring my after work coffee in my fav mug, so simple but coffee taste so much better when it is my fav mug and I love just making it… getting lost in a little day-dream.
  8. My bubble bath, I have said this so many time but I love a bubble bath and I have one when ever I feel down or stressed or even tried, nothing lifts away all your problems like a nice hot bubble bath. 
  9. a good book, I love nothing more than getting snuggled up with a good book but I have made it a thing now. every night I switch my phone, ipad and laptop off and read. I love getting lost a book and at the moment I am re reading Fearne Cottons Happy Which I am loving!!Image result for fearne cotton happy
  10. Last but not least my dressing gown. It is the one item of clothing that no matter how crap I am feeling, through on my dressing gown and I am instantly happier. 

I hope everyone has had an amazing day…And no matter how bad life can feel some time there are so many little things you don’t realise that bring happiness to your life.

With love Lauren-Amy



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