Do I Have A Sense Of Fashion…

I thought I would do something a little bit different today… Normally I would write about things I items on the high street and online that I like but I though I would talk about my ‘sense’ of fashion today.

Everyone has a different sense of fashion and everyone likes different things. Somethings I write about on here might not be for you and so on. If you follow my in Insta you will probably see that I don’t really keep up with the latest fashion trends.

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I don’t see that point – somethings are just a fad but some trends  I do fall in love with. I honestly believe that fashion is all about being who you want to be. I wear clothes that I feel comfy in !! no more than that.

Some times I get dressed in the morning and I see my partner’s face, it’s like what the f*ck are you wearing. But I feel good in it. When I go shopping for clothes I try on so much and if it puts a smile on my face then it comes home with me.

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I have so many clothes I really do, and I probably do need a good sort out (I don’t really have a wardrobe there are so many clothes – It’s a storage system for Ikea). But I love all of them I don’t have one style I have what I want to do be that day… Some days you will find me kicking about in a dungaree dress and my Dr Martens or a pair of skinny jean, plain over sized tee and trainers but then other days I running around in a shift dress and heels.

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I wear what make me happy!! people may not like the way I dress… I know my mum doesn’t sometime (I think she wants to burn my DM’s). But things like that don’t bother me any more. I have now got to an age where I can’t be bothered nor do I have the money to keep up with the latest trends.

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I think we should all stop worrying about what other people think of our outfits and dress for our selves. I have a friend that is in love with vintage and I take my hat of to her because she wear vintage nearly all the time and I love her for that. She does not follow trends at all. Image may contain: 1 person, standing, phone, selfie and indoor

Don’t get me wrong I love flicking through fashion magazines and seeing what is new but I will never wear anything that I don’t like just because it fashionable!!

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If I walk out the door in the morning and I like my outfit then I know it’s going to be a good day…

I dress to impress no one other than my self… 

With love Lauren-Amy




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