90’S Throw Back…

So if you are currently in your 20’s chances are you are you were born in the 90’s and in my option the best years.

I thought I would share with you some of my favorite things from the 1990’s!!

Image result for 1990s


  1. Birthdays at Mcdonald’s – You can’t lie we all had at least one birthday party at good old Maccy D’s. Running around the soft play like a thing possessed and we all loved sitting in this bad boy. Image result for mcdonalds birthday chair
  2. Taz Bars – I swear these bar’s were the original Freddo’s. For some reason they always remind me of my brother… My mum always used to shout at me for making a mess with the caramel.Image result for Taz bars
  3. Sunny D – Now this really does remind me of the brother he once drunk so much his teeth turned YELLOW!! but we all remember the story on the news of the little girl who drunk so much she turned yellow!! Image result for sunny d
  4. Pix N Mix from Woolworths – We all went to Woolworth to get out Pic N Mix and that is some thing you can’t even lie about… I think the country are still in mourning from Woolworths shutting down.Image result for woolworths pick and mix
  5. Aqua Barbie Girl – I never every single word to Barbie girl and I used to play it over and over again on my CD player – much to my parents discuss. Image result for aqua barbie girl
  6. Mr Blobby – Mr Blobby is a thing of nightmares. I was so scared of him and lovely brother used to chase me around the house a bloody Mr Blobby mask. Image result for mr blobby
  7. Chuckle Vision – We all loved it!! Singing the theme tune from the top of our voices!! Image result for chucklevision
  8. Game Boy Colour – Games boys were that start of many an argument in our house, mainly because my brother would have the games that I wanted. I thought I was the bloody bees knees through as I had the limited edition pokemon game boy!!Image result for limited edition pokemon gameboy color
  9. Blue Peter – Yes we have all tried to make the DIY Blue peter projects with enough PVA glue to fill a swimming pool and just wishing you could go “and here is one I made earlier”.Image result for blue peter here's one i made earlier
  10. Fruit Polo’s – Now some younger people may believe that fruit polo’s are just a myth as the incredibly rare to find!! But I loved the little sticky sweets. Image result for fruit polo
  11. Tamagotchis – Everyone’s first ever pet. If you forgot about it for one day then it died!! Schools banned them, So I used to smuggle mine in my pencil-case, but there was always one person that forgot to put it on silent. Image result for tamagotchi
  12. Tattoo Necklace choker – Well these seem to making a strong come back at the moment. But we will always know that the 90’s girls were the original trendsetter.Image result for tattoo necklace choker
  13. Pokemon – My House was Pokemon obsessed. We had nearly every pokemon Film (I think my brother loved it most because his name is Ash) And between the 3 of us we had the best collection on Pokemon cards – no swaps allowed.  Image result for pokemon 90's
  14. Polly Pocket – I had so many of these tiny tiny little people from the original love heart that actually fitted in your pocket to the full on mansion with a little garden and car also not forgetting the little magnetic gymnastic set. Image result for polly pocket 90's
  15. Beanie Babies – I think everyone has so many beanie babies that you couldn’t actually see your bed or they has their own ‘toy’ hammock (speaking from experience). Image result for beanie babies
  16. Jelly shoes – The beautiful sparkly summer shoe that would tear your feet apart but we would still wear them blisters or no blisters. Image result for 90's jelly shoes
  17. Alien Birth Pod  – We all remember the myth if you put these little bad boys in the fridge back to back they would make a baby!! Never worked but we all tried. The Goo in these would ruin every thing it touched from your bed sheets to your mum’s carpet. Image result for alien birth pods
  18. Back Street Boys – We all loved the Back Street Boys plastered all over my bedroom wall, singing Everybody from the top my lungs. Image result for the backstreet boys 1993
  19. Spice Girls – We all wanted to be a member of the spice girls, I would argue with my friends over who was going to be who, I was normally posh spice has I has the hair cut. Image result for spice girls
  20. N*SYNC – I think I knew every dance move to ‘Bye Bye’, dancing around my kitchen annoying my mum and we all loved Justin Timberlake’s pot noodle hair!! Image result for nsync
  21. Destiny’s Child – And this is when we all discovered our love for Queen Bee!! Destiny’s child is all where we got our attitude from because I am an independent women. Image result for destiny's child
  22. Busted (2000) – Okay I know this wasn’t technically in the 1990’s but chance are if you were born in the 90’s you loved Busted and I still do. You will often find me blaring out Busted from my car. Image result for busted that's what i go to school for
  23. SqueezeIts – I am pretty sure these were just pure sugar and E number. My mum actually banned me from drinking these little bottles of happiness as I was far to crazy. Image result for squeeze its]
  24. Baby Bottle Pops – Another little E number shaker full of flavoring and colouring goodness!! traded for money many times at school. Image result for baby bottle pops
  25. Echo Bars – What ever happened to Echo Bar one day there were in my lunch box and the next minute they were gone and will forever be missed. Image result for echo bars
  26. Super Soaker – The world best summer toy that you could actually hurt your sibling with and get away with it. When ever there was a water fight in my road we would bring out the big guns!! The Super Soak and shoot down all the neighbor hood kids. Image result for super soaker 90s
  27. Furbys – I was genuinely petrified of my Furby. I had the pink and Blue little gremlin that always wanted feeding!! I would him mine in my wardrobe and it just randomly start making noises in the night. Image result for 90's furby
  28. Betty Spaghetty – I loved these little bendy dolls. I love playing with their hair and doing stupid thing with them. Image result for 90's betty spaghetty
  29. Mario Bros – We all love these little Italian plumbers. I was so good at Mario bros, I thank my cousins for all there original Nintendo games consoles. Image result for 90's mario bros
  30. Sky Dancers – I used to love flying my beautiful fairy around my lounge with my dad shouting “your will have someones eye out with that!!”. There is nothing more magical than a flying fairy. Image result for 90's sky dancer
  31. Doodle Bears – There was something so amazing about a teddy bear that you can draw all over, then wash it and it magically clean again. Defo one of my sister favs. Image result for doodle bear
  32. abbage patch dolls – Every 90’s girl had a cabbage patch doll. I still remember the Christmas that me and my sister got these. I was instantly in love with my Cabbage Patch doll. I do remember my sister’s looking worryingly like her. Image result for 90's cabbage patch doll
  33. Baby All Gone – This toy was amazing when I was little. A baby doll that eats all it good and the food used to smell so sweet. I loved this little dolly, it was so cute with her little blonde curly hair and pink outfit. Image result for 90's baby all gone
  34. Girls World – I am pretty sure that Girls World is the reason I became a hair dresser. My sister actually got one and hates it so I adopted the scary looking head but I used to sit for hours just playing with her hair. Image result for girls world
  35. Trolls – The original little trolls were strangely cute. I collected so many of them and my auntie would always get me new ones. I always wanted a gem in my belly button to match. Image result for 90's trolls with gems
  36. Baby Born – I had such a lucky baby born, mine lived in a little cot and every accessory to go with it, from the bath and dressing gown all the way to a little car for her to ride around in. Image result for baby born car
  37. Butterfly Clips – These were a must in the 90’s but boy did they hurt if you feel asleep on one. I swear it was a competition on how many butterfly clips your could get in your hair. Image result for 90's butterfly clips
  38. Magic Mitt – Many family holidays we played this on the beach. I was rubbish at it (no hand eye coordination). But they were so much fun – Kids today don’t know what they are missing out on. Image result for magic mitt game
  39. The Hair Twisting Tool – These braids looked amazing if you could pull them off with out your hair getting stuck on the dam turny thing. Image result for 90's hair twisting tool
  40. Crimping Irons – We all crimped our hair, I loved the feeling of it. And remember if you would brush your hair after it was crimped it would become massive. Image result for 90's crimped hair

I hope you all enjoyed a little trip down memory lane… And we all know that 90’s kid are the best.

With love Lauren Amy



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